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Always Open, Always Progressing: Your 24/7 Fitness Destination

Contour Fitness is a unique and exceptional training facility that offers members a variety of styles of training both on your own in our 24/7 Facility or in our Group Training Classes. Here we will push you, motivate you, and educate you on our safe and functional style of training. Our Group Classes consist of Boot Camp Style Classes, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Classes, & Tabata Classes!

Veterans Supporting Veterans

"After 3 tours to Iraq and Afghanistan, I decided to leave the Marine Corps, but promised myself that I would always take care of my fellow Veterans. All Veterans and Public Safety Employees will receive a discount at Contour Fitness. Semper Fi and THANK YOU to all my brothers and sisters at arms as well as all those LEOs that help protect us every day!"

-Joe Randolfi, Owner

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The Contour Experience

24 Hours a Day. 7 Days a Week. A Functional Facility Destination On Your Own Schedule

Ready to push yourself to the next level? Step inside Contour Fitness and be prepared to challenge yourself and your body for amazing results.


Our facility was designed with our members in mind, allowing them to exclusively and privately workout in a variety of training styles to help increase their heart rate, weight loss, and goals. Whether you want to increase your speed, endurance, or strength, Contour Fitness has everything you need.

  • Turf Training

  • Resistance Running

  • TRX

  • Kickboxing - Boxing

  • Olympic Lifting with Bumpers

  • Olympic Rings

  • Bootcamps and Sports Specific Training

  • HIIT - Interval Programs with customized timers

  • Kettlebells

  • Free Weights

  • Cardio

Say goodbye to the weight loss plateaus and the same workout routines. From workouts of the day to specialized group classes, we are here to motivate you past your personal records. Try us out today, your results are limitless.

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Group Classes

Group Training Classes

Modifications can be made to all classes. Please make sure to inform your instructor of any and all previous or current injuries you may have so exercises can be tailored to your needs. Questions about which class may fit your needs or your ability? Stop by or call and we will help you choose the right class for you! 

What to Bring

  • Workout Apparel

  • Workout Shoes

  • Towel

  • Water Bottle


What to Expect

  • Calorie Burning

  • Muscle Toning

  • Goal Motivation

  • Team Building

  • Results

Time to Challenge Yourself

Class Descriptions

Move, Condition, & HIIT Classes

Our 45 minute classes are a great way to start your day or blow off some steam after a day in the office! We will get your heart pumping, muscles fired up and calories burning. Our full body, mind-blowing, adrenaline pumping classes will leave you feeling energized and ready to tackle the stress of modern life. Circuits are designed to hit all your muscle groups in a systematic approach. We will use a variety of equipment to keep your mind intrigued and your muscles guessing what's next. Members will use dumbbells, TRXs, turf & sleds, kettlebells, and so much more...

Our move, conditioning, and high intensity interval workouts (HIIT) are a mixture of exercises that will challenge your cardiovascular condition and strength level. They are fast-paced but totally doable for all ages and conditions. Movements will be in all planes of motion with quick transition exercises.

You will blast your fitness level into high gear with all of our classes. Each is a mix of something different, so say goodbye to your boring old workout and weight plateaus and hello to RESULTS! Our conditioning classes are full body, high intensity, aerobic and anaerobic style class with minimal rest periods.  If you are ready to push yourself to the next level then hit the button below to sign up for your FIRST FREE group class!


Don't see what you are looking for? Request a time and style and we'll try to create a class to fit your fitness needs!

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Our Team

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Joe Randolfi - Owner/Trainer - Contour Fitness

Former Marine Sergeant, Joe Randolfi is an accomplished trainer, leader, and owner of Contour Fitness, an exclusive gym in Palm Harbor, FL. Born in Long Island, NY, but raised in Clearwater, Joe is a NASM Certifed Corrective Exercise Specialist & Certified Trainer. He loves teaching, training, and sharing his knowledge about the fitness and health industry. Having graduated from USF in 2010, Joe had previously spent 4 years in the US Marine Corps, joining at the ripe age of 17. He served three tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

While attending USF, Joe received his personal training certification through ISSA. This led to his position at Lifestyle Family Fitness where he was promoted to Personal Training Manager overseeing multiple clubs in Pinellas County. During this time, Joe also trained and competed in Strongman Competitions throughout the state.

Joe established Contour Fitness with a goal in mind of creating a unique style of training: Blending both functional and sports-specific training into a gym atmosphere. Contour Fitness was established in April 2015.

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Kelsi Ward

My mission is to help women break through their own boundaries. My motto has always been "Civilize the mind. Make savage the body" because I believe true change starts on the inside and manifests itself on the outside. When it comes to fitness, I believe in good nutrition, exercise, and hard work!

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Our Massage Services are provided by Beverly Stasis of Stasis Health. Click the button below to request an appointment with Bev via email or call at (727) 492-0970.

Massage Therapy

Regular massage therapy provides relief to people of all ages and walks of life, from the competitive athlete to the home gardener and the over-stressed business person.

Even if you don’t have a specific health issue, massage therapy can provide many benefits, such as:

  • Acute & Chronic Pain

  • Post-Surgical/Myofasical Pain

  • Neck & Back Pain

  • Stress/Imbalances

  • Breast Implant Illness

  • Auto-Immunity Pain

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Toxicity Symptoms

  • Emotional Blockages

  • Auto Accidents & More

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