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Contour Fitness is an exclusive gym located in Palm Harbor, Florida, featuring the best of both sports specific and functional training. Training is our passion, and we focus on training, assisting, and motivating you to meet your goals. 

Ready to push yourself to the next level? Step inside Contour Fitness and be prepared to challenge yourself and your body for amazing results.


Our facility was designed with our members in mind, allowing them to exclusively and privately workout in a variety of training styles to help increase their heart rate, weight loss, and goals. Whether you want to increase your speed, endurance, or strength, Contour Fitness has everything you need.


  • Turf Training

  • Resistance Running

  • TRX

  • Kickboxing - Boxing

  • Olympic Lifting with Bumpers

  • Olympic Rings

  • Bootcamps and Sports Specific Training

  • HIIT - Interval Programs with customized timers

  • Kettlebells

  • Free Weights

  • Cardio


Say goodbye to the weight loss plateaus and the same workout routines. From workouts of the day to specialized group classes, we are here to motivate you past your personal records. Try us out today, your results are limitless. 

  • Benefits:

    • Develops functional strength, active recovery, injury prevention, conditioning, and adds some competitive fun variety into your workout! 

  • Benefits: 

    • Core strength, stabilization, strength, coordination, balance, flexibiity, joint stability. 

  • Benefits:

    • ​Resilient: rain or shine you can always workout. Variety: Mixing up your workouts and routines will challenege your body and help reach your goals. 

  • Benefits:

    • Improves heart health, increases metabolism, eases symptoms of depression and fatigue, and increases recovery time.

  • Benefits:

    • According to olympic lifting will not only complete a workout, but complement any training program. Cardiovascular, muscle building, and very effective workout benefits. 

  • Benefits: 

    • Total body workout, weight reduction, improve balance and coordination, core stregth, and overall stregth building. 










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